*UPDATE Island Lake, MN, UFO Fleet Sighting Aug 14, 2015

Hey People!

If you remember, a while back, I posted some UFO pictures my mother took from Island Lake, Minnesota.  Specifically, in August of 2015.  Here is one of them…

swimming 003

I used several filters on the pictures to pull out some details through the glare, so here’s a snapshot from that…


And here’s the video I made covering some of the filters I put it through…


I came up with this sketch from my findings…

Sexy Boombox

*Anyways, I was running through a broad youtube search on wikileaks UFOs in search of another like the one my family saw, as some sort of confirmation that it was real, and I came across a video with a photo thumbnail that startled me (https://youtu.be/r_t9vrrIVJg).  I watched the video, and did not see the footage  where the thumbnail came from, but nevertheless, the image was there.  It was my mothers UFO, the object I coined “The Sexy Boombox.”  The object in the thumbnail is upside down compared to the one in my mothers photos, and the one in the thumbnail also is surrounded in round white objects.  They had broken away from the main part and were off and about in my mother’s pictures.  Now, I did not expect my artist’s rendering to be perfect, I had to draw predictively through the glare, but the likeness is still uncanny. So, EITHER someone found my rendering and practiced some computer imaging fabrication skills, which would be flattering, or the following is a legit photograph.



I don’t know what to think, so you can be the judge 🙂

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