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I’ve always had an interest in the unknown and the paranormal, and I’ve proven to have a pretty good eye for it. Every now and then, I run into some interesting and unbelievable situations, as the guy that people who know me go to for those things, including cosmic events, cryptozoology, hauntings, psychic phenomena, and UFOs.

We Got Snapped!!!!

Cloverman Disintegrating

Hey everyone, Cloverman Joe Carlson here.  You might have heard of the recent “YouTube Thanos Snap,” or the new rules Youtube put into effect to better label children’s media.  Basically, it boils down into big fines for anybody who doesn’t get it right.  Well, here at 8-Leafer Studios, we fell into a grey area: our content is too colorful, like labelling it for adults would be misleading.  Rather than deal with that crap, we’re working to upgrade our website to post our own videos.  It might take us (me) some time, but it shouldn’t be too long before our videos are back up to view.    Feel free to browse around the art sections until then!

8-Leafer Studios to Begin Filming Another Sci-Fi Comedy Piece This Spring *UPDATE AT BOTTOM

Hi potential fans, we’ve missed you!  It’s a cold winter here at 8-Leafer Studios, and it’s been a while since we last brought you into the world of Captain Tombstone, the depth of Cloverman, and longer since we first heard the golden writings of Eric Blair.  Well, life is complicated, but a few months ago, we got the ball rolling to bring you an all-star installment wrapping this whole world together.  We bought some new equipment, stepped up our costumes, got a local guest star, and are even aiming for a longer product.  Let’s get the sum of things:

First, I want to go ahead and announce our joy to be working with Duluth local radio personality, Erika Adams, who agreed to star as our first female character, “Nixie.”  Erika is a local author and radio host here in Duluth, Minnesota. Erika’s radio show on 99.5 KTWH, titled “The Tale Collector,” acts as a shining tribute to storytelling in all of it’s wonderful and unexpected forms, and we’re honored that she steps out of the mic booth and front of our camera to help us tell a tall tale about goofballs in space.  You can find her youtube channel here.

Our next project will be our biggest yet, with the biggest sets, longest scripts, biggest cast, and most complicated shots and effects yet.  You could say that the only real difference that matters is the bigger budget.  Eric, Jack and I all went in on a 16×20 ft. Bluescreen (I love those guys), and since this is all pretty much my baby I went and bought some more accessories for our familiar characters, so you have those aesthetic upgrades to look forward to, but my greatest and most unique challenge for this project (also most expensive) was designing and costuming a space pixie (designing and costuming are different lol).  Erika and I worked together to come up with a great character and we’re all excited to have Erika bring it life when we try again.

Yes, again.  We actually started filming in Deceber 2017, at an almost astronomical alignment of our schedules, and we got most of it filmed until somebody slept through a critical shoot (Jack lol), and on top of that, we had some formatting errors that we blame on 2 years of inactivity (all me), but the kinks are ironed out and come spring we hope for smooth sailing.  We’ve never had to start over before, and it was humbling, so we can at least promise no repeat mistakes, as long as everybody shows up, knock on wood.

In our next video, we will be bringing out some old characters from the 8-Leafer Universe, like Captain Tombstone, Cloverman, and Dane Kirschnott, cramming them together into one of the most unlikely places.  What possible circumstances could bring these minds together in one video?  And what role could Erika Adams’ Nixie play in the 8-Leafer Universe?   We hope to show you later this year, in “Pilot Away!”


*UPDATE:  This project became our first cancellation due to a catastrophic data failure.  A reshoot is probable, but it would need significant changes to be an entry at the Catalyst Content Festival next year, but that is the plan, for now.

*UPDATE Island Lake, MN, UFO Fleet Sighting Aug 14, 2015

Hey People!

If you remember, a while back, I posted some UFO pictures my mother took from Island Lake, Minnesota.  Specifically, in August of 2015.  Here is one of them…

swimming 003

I used several filters on the pictures to pull out some details through the glare, so here’s a snapshot from that…


And here’s the video I made covering some of the filters I put it through…


I came up with this sketch from my findings…

Sexy Boombox

*Anyways, I was running through a broad youtube search on wikileaks UFOs in search of another like the one my family saw, as some sort of confirmation that it was real, and I came across a video with a photo thumbnail that startled me (  I watched the video, and did not see the footage  where the thumbnail came from, but nevertheless, the image was there.  It was my mothers UFO, the object I coined “The Sexy Boombox.”  The object in the thumbnail is upside down compared to the one in my mothers photos, and the one in the thumbnail also is surrounded in round white objects.  They had broken away from the main part and were off and about in my mother’s pictures.  Now, I did not expect my artist’s rendering to be perfect, I had to draw predictively through the glare, but the likeness is still uncanny. So, EITHER someone found my rendering and practiced some computer imaging fabrication skills, which would be flattering, or the following is a legit photograph.


I don’t know what to think, so you can be the judge 🙂

The Launch Date of the ANDY Rover, Carrying The Moon Arts Ark, Postponed

Hey Everyone!  I’d like to share this update regarding the new liftoff date of the ANDY Rover (, and the small sample of my artwork ( that ANDY will be carrying to the Moon on “The Moon Arts Ark” (

“Two of the teams competing for the prestigious Google Lunar XPRIZE have announced a partnership, bringing them one step closer to landing on the moon. The HAKUTO team’s rover will hitch a ride on the Astrobotic Griffin lander when it sets off in the second half of 2016.”
– Chris Wood of

So, this is as specific as I can find so far for the launch date.  See more on the Team-Up from the Source below!

Source: Two Google Lunar XPRIZE teams are working together to get to the moon

8-Leafer Studios Homepage


Halloween Tunage

Hey people,

Halloween is coming up, and I have always felt there was a small body of music that we can all call “Halloween Music.”  This is a Rap song I wrote in High School, and after I got some audio training I decided to see what I could do with mixing a song.  Though I feel an orchestra is optimal for halloween music, this song is my best effort.  Happy Halloween!

UFO Fleet Sighting – Island Lake, MN – August 14, 2015

Hey everyone, so the other day my mother came home with UFO pictures, and I got to do my first real analysis.  I feel like this is one of the best I have seen because it actually shows detail through the glare.  We quickly realized it was a fleet sighting.  Below is one of the 5 pictures she took.

swimming 003

I zoomed in on the object and began applying filters.  Of all of the filters I applied, this was my favorite result.


I compiled the details showed by the various filters, and arrived at this sketch.

Sexy Boombox

The following is the video showing all of the filters I applied, as well as several other details I left out of this post.

I really enjoyed analyzing these pictures, and I hope to analyze more someday.  Feel free to share your stories 🙂  Laterz!