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Welcome to josephcarlson77.com!  Here is the place where you can connect with Joseph Carlson’s creative works, as well as view news regarding 8-Leafer Studios.  Under the “Categories” drop-down menu you can navigate through his assignments, see what inspires him, or get a behind the scenes look at the artistic process.  Joseph Carlson, Director, works closely with Actors/Writers Eric Blair and Jack Schmidt, to create amusing short films under these  filmmaking flags, Such as “Captain Tombstone Vs. Clover-Man” and “The Good Doctor Frankenstein,” featured in the “Film Portfolio” tab under the “Works” page, where his Demo Reel is also available for viewing (*UPDATE: I’m still looking for a new venue for my videos, I will probably have to upgrade this site and I’m not sure i can afford it).  Joseph uses his artistic skills to sculpt, create, and assemble colorful and interesting backgrounds to to take the viewer to an ideal and wondrous place in their imaginations, while inspiring intrigue, provoking innovative thought, and inspiring laughter.

Joseph Carlson is backbone to the group as Director, Writer/Co-Writer, Composer, Storyboard Artist, Cameraman, Effects specialist, Audio/Video Editor, and Set Builder. Joseph has an artistic background spanning many mediums, displaying his gifts since the very first time he held a pencil in his hands.  He is a well-known artist in his area, having sold many drawings and paintings. Currently, he specializes in paintings featuring real 4-Leaf clovers, that he occasionally hunts in his spare time, with uncanny success, having found 805 in one summer.  The now outdated Logo featured above is a silhouette of his 8-Leaf Clover.

His film background started when he was around 8-years-old, when, using only the pause record function on a home VHS-Camcorder and some paper cut-outs, he wrote, drew out, and voice acted in his first crude cartoon, portraying a Transylvanian News Station.  As a Scorer, his musical chapter started at age 17 with such pieces as “Uncertainty” and “The Ulvi rap” while still learning to use the Fruity Loops program.  You can also see works produced mainly to show how broad his wheelhouse is, such as “Rapp Monstrosity,” (parental advisory) also featured under the “Work” page’s “Music” tab, along with everything else he has his hands in.  Film has been a large part of his life, and he began his Film education with a Bachelor’s Degree in Digital Cinematography through Full Sail University, FL.  He is limited only by time and hardware and can accomplish a lot with very little capital, and his wide skillset makes him a valuable addition to any team.

Joseph Carlson’s many skills can be applied in a number of ways, from Caricatures to Commercial Shoots, as Director, Actor, Cameraman, Artist, Musician, Storyboard or Concept Artist, Writer, Editor, Effects Specialist, and, in special cases, perform a couple minor, specialized stunts. His work ethic is focused and optimistic, patient, and he cares about what he puts his name on.  If interested in hiring him for any film, photo, music, or artwork, contact him through the “Contact” page, where a Resume link can also be found.  Leave a comment, share or like, and enjoy.  You can also view his work directly on Youtube or Vimeo, and you can listen to his music on Soundcloud at https://soundcloud.com/joseph-michael-carlson and https://soundcloud.com/joseph-carlson-7. (Don’t forget  to check out my paintings, sketches, and jewelry!)


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