Joseph Carlson

Joseph Carlson

Here we have both acoustic and digital music dating from way back several years to today.  Some Have lyrics, many do not, but there’s certainly more where this came from.


I’m on a Roll: The Good Doctor Frankenstein Theme

Captain Tombstone Downloadable Ringtone

The Ulvi Rap (2005)

Lovey Dub: Too Cross the Ocean

To Be Me

The Wreck of the Edmund Fitzgerald (Cover)

Halloween medley

The Wong Song: Captain Tombstone Theme

Fall Awake (Cover)


The Dark Island


Double Helix Triangle: Annoyatron Spec Commercial Theme

Happy Music Box




Creeping keys

The Rapp Monstrosity – 2015

(Yes, I can rap too, if I feel like it.)

Mummy Wraps


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