Here you can see some of my paintings.  My mission in art is hard to explain, I’m a very inwardly focused person, and I feel like I have stumbled upon unique truths that I wire into my work.  It’s hard to tell if I do it more from a sense of responsibility or the joy of the work itself, because both are present.  I have a difficult time pointing at my work and saying “this is great,” and I’m not too cocky from moment to moment, but sometimes I combine expression with mechanical fact and belief, or mental excercises I may have invented, resulting in what a lot of people define as magic, yet fully explainable, understandable, and repeatable, and scientific, and it’s in those pieces that I can say to you that I am doing something unlike anyone ever has before. This Sample for example:

Purple and Peridot (metallic)_16X20 or 19X23 w:frame_$500

Purple and Peridot (metallic)_16X20 or 19X23 w:frame_$500

You might notice I’ve done several of these, and I am very proud of them.  What you are seeing are real 4 leaf clovers painted into a pattern, surrounding a 5 leaf clover, making 7 special clovers.  My ability to find enough clovers came one moment in 2007 during some neural anomaly, but that’s another story entirely.  So, utilizing EITHER the subconscious confidence from having 4 leaf clovers, OR whatever real luck they may posess (depends on what you believe but both are effective), we have some kind of response, we’ll just call it the plesebo effect for now because it doesn’t hurt the process.  Now, we have several 4 leafers in channels of color, and the channels have a photosuggestive function, kindof like an advertisement, but what we get out from under that is photographically the same as sound amplifying through a trumpet. Now, we are using photosuggestion to amplify the plesebo effect.  Next, we have the colors, opposites, because our brain is better impacted by radicals.  The smooth zig-zagging is to prevent the viewer from perceiving an inwards swirl, like water draining, which would counter our trumpet-effect.  The Silver and black also represent the fabled silver cord, our connection to the other side.  Finally, the pattern in which they are laid is in accordance to the sacred geometry of the seed of life, a holy symbol of love.  Here, Science not only enhances what we know is true, but also is set up to enhance what is believed to be.  I set out to create the closest thing to real magic there is, using truth and/or belief, and this is my result, and in my humble opinion, my only real accomplishment and gift to the world.

I’d like to cover one more sample.

Earthly Expansion_16X20 or 18X22 w:frame_$500

Earthly Expansion_16X20 or 18X22 w:frame_$500

This here is a representation of a mental exercise I used to practice.  It’s mainly about focusing on one thing, and trying to focus on another without breaking focus on the first, and it’s easiest starting with the pillow under your head, because you can feel it spatially, and move to something a little bigger, like the bed beneath you (easier that way).  Eventually, all sorts of things can happen in ones brain, and this shows what it was like for me during one time when my brain seemed to be projecting things ahead of itself, and hit a really macro scale.  Many of these are much more complicated than they look, but for now I’ll only bore you with the two.   The rest are below!  (Don’t forget  to check out my sketches, jewelry, and Film Portfolio!)


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