About Me

About Me

Joseph Calson

Photo by Paulianne.

Hey everybody!  I’m Joe Carlson, aka Cloverman to some.  I am, first and foremost, an artist, but here, I’m a webmaster.  I was born with a gift for composition and creation, and I apply that gift everywhere from drawing, and painting, to stained-glass, and sculpture.  I have always been a hobby filmmaker, ever since I made my first hand-drawn cartoon at the age of 6, using the pause and record functions on a VHS home-camcorder and paper cut-outs.  I decided to go Into Directing, because it is a wide medium, wherein I may apply all of my talents, or at the very least, direct such departments to produce such effects to my satisfaction.  I love using my artistic side when I can.  I often draw, paint, and sculpt, having sold many projects.  My work is spread out from Hawaii to New Hampshire, with some jewelry and sketches that may still be floating around in Germany.  My most well-known projects, lately, have been my clover-paintings.  If things ever truly take off here, I’d like to create my own cinematic universe, stepping off with a big “Cloverman” production.

Lucky Sight - SOLD

Lucky Sight – SOLD

I have an uncanny ability to find 4-leaf clovers.  I can find so many so quickly that it violates every 4-leaf clover statistic I have ever heard, and I use those clovers in my artwork, preserving them into patterns under varnish.  As far as I know, I am the only artist in the world who does this with such output.  My production logo for “8-Leafer Studios” features the silhouette of my 8-leaf clover.  Under this Flag, I hope to take my Narrative, Artistic, and Musical endeavors to the big screen, Directing and guiding such departments and scenes as I would compress different planes of a chaotic wad of clay into a colorful and uncreased sphere, strong and well-rounded enough to roll steadily on its own. Film, to me, is one of the greatest art forms.  It can bring so many talents and dimensions to what is ultimately an enhanced experience.  Film requires so many creative minds and mediums, all packed into one shining final product.  An old Disney classic, to me, is far more impressive than the single-frame intensity of a renaissance painting, and It’s still a dream of mine to be part of a project like that.

My film background started when I was around 8-years-old, when, using only the pause record function on a home VHS-Camcorder and some paper cut-outs, I wrote, drew out, and voice acted in my first crude cartoon, portraying a Transylvanian News Station.  As a Scorer, My musical chapter started at age 17 with such pieces as “Uncertainty” and “The Ulvi rap” while still learning to use the Fruity Loops program.  You can also see works produced mainly to show how broad my wheelhouse is, such as “Rapp Monstrosity,” (parental advisory) also featured under the “Work” page’s “Music” tab, along with everything else I have my hands in.  Film has been a large part of my life, and I began my Film education with a Bachelor’s Degree in Digital Cinematography through Full Sail University, FL.  I’m limited only by time and hardware and can accomplish a lot with very little capital, and my wide skillset paired with my unique perspective makes me a valuable addition to any team.

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