I just finally finished my thesis film, “Cap’ and the Giant,” bringing my quest for a Bachelor’s Degree to a fun end.  After 3 abandoned projects, and 2 extra last-chances, I was able to bring something to the screen. This is Captain Tombstone’s third appearance in my Cinematic Universe, first arriving in “Spaced Out: Oops!! Wrong Button!!” and then being resurrected in “Captain Tombstone Vs. Cloverman,” where he comes face to face with the original lucky-man.  “Cap’ and the Giant” went from inception to fruition in only two months, written by myself, Jack Schmidt, and Eric Blair.  We had a blast filming, and we hope you enjoy it.

(Coming Soon in 1080p)

Joseph Carlson – Demo Reel

URL address:

Title: Demo Reel 2.0

Genre: Science-Fiction, Narrative

Job title/roll: Director

Location: Duluth, MN

Description: This is a re-vamped version of my demo-reel.  It features my favorite green/blue-screen projects and my best hand-sculpted backgrounds, as well as just some of my favorite narrative moments. I am pretty much the main driving force of these videos, but Eric Blair and Jack Schmidt assist me in writing and by appearing as my on-screen talent, as well as being great supporters of my educational pursuits.  I did the music too, along with the rest of the audio and editing.  Jack Schmidt is acting with me in most of these, and he brings a remarkable energy to any set.  He co-wrote some of this material with me, and I also want to give Eric Blair some production credit.  and though he is one of the reasons I can continue to follow film, the scene he acted in did not make the cut here, but I will be creating another demo reel after my thesis film is complete, and I gave him a bigger role to play for it, so we’ll be seeing more of him soon.


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