The Launch Date of the ANDY Rover, Carrying The Moon Arts Ark, Postponed

Hey Everyone!  I’d like to share this update regarding the new liftoff date of the ANDY Rover (, and the small sample of my artwork ( that ANDY will be carrying to the Moon on “The Moon Arts Ark” (

“Two of the teams competing for the prestigious Google Lunar XPRIZE have announced a partnership, bringing them one step closer to landing on the moon. The HAKUTO team’s rover will hitch a ride on the Astrobotic Griffin lander when it sets off in the second half of 2016.”
– Chris Wood of

So, this is as specific as I can find so far for the launch date.  See more on the Team-Up from the Source below!

Source: Two Google Lunar XPRIZE teams are working together to get to the moon

8-Leafer Studios Homepage


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