We Unsnapped Ourselves! 8-Leafer Studios Filmography Page Back Up And Running!

See our newly updated 8-Leafer Studios Film Portfolio at josephcarlson77.com!

Hello Everyone!  It’s been a few months since the infamous “Thanos-Snap of Youtube,” when the iconic online video platform enacted its new rules imposing strict penalties on those who didn’t obviously fit the new standards.  We don’t have a gripe here at 8-Leafer Studios, we support steps to better filter content for children, but it was an expensive inconvenience when we realized the content we had linked via Youtube resided in a gray-area.  Our videos had a lot of colorful sculpted backgrounds, and some videos contained expletives, so we had a little content crossing each side of the line just enough that we decided to take our content down.  It took a site upgrade to be able to host our own videos, but we’ve crossed that hurdle and finally brought our babies home.  It was unfortunate that the change in policy at Youtube had to come so soon after the Catalyst Content Festival, here in Duluth.  We made a lot of connections there, although unfortunately the web-address on the cards we shared undoubtedly led many of our new contacts to a filmography page with dead links on it.  You can imagine how excited we are to have our content back up for you.

In this new chapter of 8-Leafer Studios, we’d like to invite as many new players as possible, so we intend to increase our community involvement.  We welcome short story submissions, and if you live in the Duluth area and wish to be involved as an actor, crew member, or featured model, contact us and we will see what we can do to get you some exposure.   We don’t have access to much funding here, only what we can spare from out-of-pocket, but we intend to compensate any new talent.  Life-events of staff members combined with the unavailability of our filmography, and now the Coronavirus, have all slowed things here for a while, but despite the lull in our production, we have continued to invest in our future projects.  All-new characters, costumes, and filming equipment are each waiting for their chances to be utilized to bring some ridiculous science-fiction tale to life.  Check out our newly updated filmography page right here, and we hope you enjoy it!


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