Thesis Film Complete! Joseph Carlson Presents “Cap and the Giant”

Captain Tombstone returns in this all new adventure, starring Jack Schmidt and Eric Blair.  Having only 2 months to make this huge project, it is rough around the edges, but I think you will enjoy it.  This is Captain Tombstone’s 3rd adventure, and we hope to see many more in the future.

(coming soon in 1080p!)

Thesis Film Trailer Finally Here! – Cap’ ‘n’ the Giant – Joseph Carlson

Hey everyone!

My Thesis film, “Cap’ ‘n’ the Giant,” finally has a trailer.  I had zero time to make this and it only required a rough edit, but I made it entertaining.  My crappy interwebz won’t let me put up a thumbnail, but here’s a link and a title shot!!   I hope you enjoy it!

Screen Shot 2015-09-02 at 9.09.45 PM

Cap’ ‘n’ the Giant – Trailer

UFO Fleet Sighting – Island Lake, MN – August 14, 2015

Hey everyone, so the other day my mother came home with UFO pictures, and I got to do my first real analysis.  I feel like this is one of the best I have seen because it actually shows detail through the glare.  We quickly realized it was a fleet sighting.  Below is one of the 5 pictures she took.

swimming 003

I zoomed in on the object and began applying filters.  Of all of the filters I applied, this was my favorite result.


I compiled the details showed by the various filters, and arrived at this sketch.

Sexy Boombox

The following is the video showing all of the filters I applied, as well as several other details I left out of this post.

I really enjoyed analyzing these pictures, and I hope to analyze more someday.  Feel free to share your stories 🙂  Laterz!

Shattered My Record!!

Hey everyone, on June 14th, I broke my old clover hunting record of 27 4-leafers in one sitting, by finding a total of 88 in my friend’s yard.  This brings me closer to my annual journey up Enger Tower to scatter another 88 4-leafers to the winds on July 24th, and to completing another batch of clover pendants.

.88 Clovers

Gathering Mats for a New Batch!

Hey everyone!  I have been shopping for materials to start my next batch of 4-Leaf Clover Pendants, and this batch should be significantly bigger than my first batch of 45.  I am expanding my horizons a little, so I have some surprise clover-type items coming, and I’m really excited to see them done, but I think I still have some shopping to do before I get started.  I am still looking for an alternative adhesive, but as that would make this experimental, I will still be using my old adhesive on most of my new pendants, and those will take a little over a year to sufficiently set and dry.  I’ll let you know when I get started, and maybe I’ll be able to take you along through the process!